Monday, July 6, 2009

Marwa Alsharabini: Victim of German State Hate Propaganda

So peaceful was Marwa Al-Sharabini, supporting her husband who left his country to educate German students, both lived so peacefully in the city of Dresden.

She was an honor student in Alexandria's Al-Nasr all girls collage, her academic achievements led to her being selected as the head Girl at the school soon after she joined the Faculty of Pharmacy at Alexandria University, graduating with honors in 2000, she met her husband Elwi Ali Okaz, a researcher at the Max Planck institute, where she moved with him to Germany.

She took her son Mustafa to a near by park where a German man identified as Axel W. insulted her way of dress by calling her "Terrorist", and attacking her physically, since he lived in the same apartment building she lives in. She eventually sued him and won the case, he was fined a sum of Euro 708.

This shows the discrepancy in attitude towards the crime versus punishment in the German court system and the insensitivity towards Muslims. The man was not jailed or put under surveillance for being a terrorist.... He was not taken away to a far island to stop him from hurting Innocent citizens from his demonised, hateful attitude in 21st century Germany, yet he was guilty of instigating hatred. No, not according to the German Justice system that apparently have two scales..... one for Muslims and one for German terrorists who according to this incident is NOT UP TO BE BRANDED A TERRORIST, the fine is similar to a parking ticket (a mistake) payment he pays cause he insulted a Muslim woman, why would the German government or the European union care?.
Till the inevitable happened, This man killed MARWA by attacking(stabbing) her not one time, not two times, but 18, yes 18 times, stabbing her to death and also injuring her husband who was trying to protect his beloved wife and took some of the hits where he now lays in coma, and might not make it.

How could a convicted criminal with hate crime could have brought a weapon in to the court? Should Merkel Resign or what?
Why was not he shot at the spot while killing Maraw in Cold blood before the German magistrate or court?

Where were the German police who is good at harassing Muslims at airports when MARAWA was being butchered inside a court?

So many questions and no answers!!!!

Action Plan:

1- Show support by following this blog and distributing it world wide, ( ).
2-Send an email to the chancellor's office requesting an inquiry in the Killing of Marwa Al-Sharabini by a convicted hate criminal.
3-Contact the Europe Direct in Dresden via email. This is a European Union Network

or Call Susan Hoffman @ (49351) 439 12 28 manager at Europe Direct in Dresden.

& sign this petition

The German Government needs to take all measures to stop hatred against immigrants, this crime is only a result of a build up of hatred that was fostered and nourished along years of propaganda against Muslims & immigrants in Europe.